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Our Building


2019 P Street

The big purple building in the middle of Lincoln! Sandwiched between UBT (with the old train car), The Hub, and Union Plaza, our favorite park!

-At most, 10-15 minutes away from almost anywhere

-Parking lot available- and you never have to enter downtown, if you don't want to!

Phone: (531) 510-0813

Address: 2019 P street

   Lincoln, NE 68503

Hours:      Mon-Fri 

   7:30am-4:30 pm

   By Appointment

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-Nail trims do not need an appointment, but please call ahead to make sure someone will be in the salon to assist you.

-Appointments are scheduled for 4 hour time blocks. We are more than happy to call if we are done sooner than the scheduled time, as your dog is happiest only staying the amount of time needed.

The more we get to know your dog, the more we can adjust the time required for your scheduling.

Need more time? Consider utilizing Uplifting Paws to allow your pup to play while you're away!

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