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Matting Policy

Dog Grooming Tools

       Some daily tangles in the hair are common and are built into the services of the appointment. However, matting is a different beast, as the hair has woven between itself in a way that is time consuming, and potentially harmful to the animal to remove. We are very skilled at removing tangles, and want to help you maintain the hairstyle you have spent time growing out. However, sometimes it is best to start over and allow your dogs hair to do what it does best: grow! Your pet will be visiting us or another groomer (hopefully regularly!) for the remainder of his or her lifetime, so we want to maintain a positive relationship to make sure grooming is fun, and not painful, confusing, and scary!

    It takes a special skill set, and time to safely and effectively remove a matt. Your groomer will assess if safe de-matting can take place, or if it is better to remove the matting as a whole, to allow for healthy hair regrowth.  We will always error on the side of safety and comfort of your pet.  

     Regular grooming appointments are crucial for the health and well-being of your pet, and will help eliminate the appearance of painful matting.

For more clarification, we would love to provide a tutorial for you to explain the difference of a matt versus a tangle, as well as techniques to prevent matting!

Dog Grooming Tools
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